A certain comfort exists between those who have spent time in close proximity to one another, whether through friendship, family, or romantic involvement. It is a bond effortless and meaningful, formed through compatibility and maintained through contact.

Close is a series of portraits depicting intimate relationships. I photographed friends and acquaintances paired with a person with whom they are connected; the nature of each relationship is suggested through the subjects’ interaction. The image titles provide further insight, listing the subjects’ names and how long they have known each other. Time and trust are fundamental to any relationship, and are what ultimately allow for comfort and closeness.

The subjects were instructed to stand or sit together. This was the extent of direction. I documented comfort, portrayed through relaxed body language, or the casual resting of a hand on a shoulder or knee. An intimacy is present in the exchange of glances between the subjects, and like anyone else outside a close relationship, a sense of exclusion is felt when my presence is acknowledged.

Relationships are in a constant state of change and evolution. This project is evidence that even if only at the time and place the photographs were taken, those photographed were close to each other.


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