When looking at photographs, we tend to make decisions about what we see based on information provided, and our own interpretations. This project investigates the influence of text on photographic representations of people, and how our impressions are affected when both are seen together.

‚ÄčIn eight silent, stop-motion pictures, I documented the body language of individuals in conversation with me. I sat opposite my subject and photographed them constantly, recording audio as we spoke. These still images were then animated into stop-motion pictures, and titled based on an excerpt from this dialogue. The titles are the only suggestion of what was actually discussed.

‚ÄčThis fragmented narrative allows the viewer to isolate subtle emotional and gestural reactions. The ambiguous texts and lack of audio leave the nature of our discussion open to interpretation, and the viewer is able to attach their own meaning and circumstance to the conversations. A sense of the individual is experienced, but only in part; the captions become a representation of the person despite their original context.


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